Naked Tea Bag
Naked Tea Bag

Naked Tea Bag

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Gift Box:  12 serves in this pack

A hand crafted and environmentally friendly wild Sri Lankan tea, inspired by the “classic” tea bag.  Clever and simple to brew while being able to withstand long brewing periods without becoming bitter.  Tea farmers skilfully climb and harvest from ~130-year-old trees that grow wildly on the slopes of Adam’s Peak in Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka.  Completely handpicked, processed, rolled, dried and then finally secured with a single string, these “naked” tea bags showcase the uniquely wild, naturally bio-divers and artisanal nature of this tea.

The resulting brew is intricate and delicate, with notes of chocolate, maple, vanilla and orange.  It’s silky-smooth body is notable and without any astringency.  A beautiful experience and impressive presentation of a rare and exotic tea.

Preparation method:1 naked tea bag per 300ml water
Temp: 100C
Infusion: 4-5 mins
Rebrew: 2-3 times

Ingredients:Wild Black Ceylon Tea Leaves

Tea Information:
Altitude: ~1000 masl
Region: Adam’s Peak, Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lanka
Harvest: on demand
Environment: Wild Untouched Forest
Tea Producer: Forest Hill Tea
Tea Trees: ~130 years old