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We are a small business, just like you. As we both grow, we’d love to come along for this amazing ride. We love working with some of the most awesome people and are truly pumped to build relationships with our wholesale partners. Wanna see what we are about?

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Imagine a roastery that operates with perfect synergy; it is greater than the sum of its parts. Now imagine that all of those parts are absolutely outstanding. That's what you get with Prodigal. Exceptional coffee, week after week"

Daniel - Harlem Specialty Coffee

“We have been so lucky to team up with Prodigal. The coffee is delicious and the feedback from customers has been awesome.  Caleb and the team are more like family, helping us grow as a business”

Carl- Little Olly’s

"We have partnered with Caleb and the Prodigal team now for almost two years. In that time they have been incredible to work with. The team goes out of their way to get to know you, your business and are constantly promoting our venue. Their product is amazing and our customers love the coffee."

Jill & Cam, The Winey Cow

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