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Herb Garden

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A thoughtful mix of some of the most loved aromatic and healing organic herbs.  Herb Garden is a fine balance of sweet, spicy, floral and citrus with a thick full body, refreshing taste and suprisingly sweet finish.  A tisane designed to ignite your taste buds and provide a delicious caffeine-free boost that can be sipped any time of the day.

The ingredients in this blend have been used traditionally to help soothe the stomach, reduce inflammation and improve the body’s resistance to stress.

Preparation method:2g per 150ml of water
100ºC for 3-4 mins

Ingredients:*Organic Ginger Root, *Organic Licorice Root, *Organic Lemongrass,
*Organic Fennel Seed, *Organic Chamomile Flower, *Organic Peppermint
*certified oragnic
**may contain traces of pollen