Colombia Jorge Solarte

Colombia Jorge Solarte

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Sugar Cookie / Dried Apple / White Tea

Country Colombia

Region Pitalito, Huila

Farm La Buena Vista

Cultivar Caturra

Process Washed

Elevation 1808 masl

Jorge Enrique Solarte owns this beautiful two hectare farm in Pitalito Huila. He began coffee production in 2010 and began with mostly Tabi variety but did not have success with this variety and has since transitioned to Caturra, Pink Bourbon, and Colombia with much better results. 

Jorge fertilizes his land every four months and clears the land around the trees of debris monthly. He takes a very meticulous approach to land maintenance. 

Main harvest here usually runs from September through November with a fly crop “mitaca” from March-April. They pick every 15 days during these timeframes for optimal cherry maturation. 

After coffee is picked, it is pulped with a traditional pulper and fermented for 72-80 hours in water tanks followed by two washes with clean water. Jorge dries on raised beds under parabolic dryers.