Colombia Buena Vista

Colombia Buena Vista

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Hazelnut / Apple Pie / Brown Sugar

Country Colombia

Region Pitalito, Huila

Farm Buena Vista

Cultivar Caturra, Ombligon

Process Washed

Elevation 1800 masl


Arcenio Muñoz Morales owns the 4-hectare farm Buena Vista, where he grows two varieties on 2 hectares: Caturra and Ombligon. Arcenio makes sure to pick the coffee when it is at peak ripeness, which is bright red for the Caturra cherries, and dark red for the Ombligon. The cherries are depulped the same day they're picked, and then fermented dry—18 hours for the Caturra, and 24 hours for the Ombligon. The coffee is washed three times and then dried in parabolic driers for 8–10 hours.