Winter 2024

Winter 2024

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Dark Chocolate • Blueberry Muffin

Components Colombia Buena Vista + Guatemala Maria Vides + Ethiopia Arsosala Natural

Cata 2024 - @oldsolnewtricks

“Over the past few years I’ve lived in many places, all of which look very different during winter. Having decided to call Victoria home after living in California, Hawaii, Mexico and Denver, I’ve come to notice that, despite the differences in weather, the winter season always seems to draw me inward. Like an animal wanting to hibernate, it seems natural that we have a part of our cycle to find comfort, soothe and rest to balance the efforts and stresses of the high energy seasons. More often in winter, I find myself curled up with a warm, nourishing cup of coffee, mulling over how far I’ve come. It’s a nice time to get cozy and feel safe to process life’s lessons. Only then can we cultivate our own warmth, stoke the inner fire and prepare for the seasons to come.”

Cata’s art style has been inspired by her travels and art pursuits in different parts of the world. Some of her recent art chapters have been more focused on tattooing, graphic design, and painting, but it’s ever evolving. You can follow her work and journey by searching Old Sol New Tricks.