Birdsnake Drinking Chocolate
Birdsnake Drinking Chocolate

Birdsnake Drinking Chocolate

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This cocoa comes from Guayas in the South West of Ecuador .

Fruit and deep fudge. It is rich and rounded, just like the monopoly man.

Country Equador

Region Guayas

Farm Peña Dorada & Finca Guatemala

Cultivar Nacional, CCN-51, Various Hybrids

Grown across two entirely organic farms in the Guyas province, roughly 40 men and women are employed full time, undertaking the husbandry, horticulture & processing to produce drinking chocolate. During harvest this number will rise to almost 200 employees. The farm also has a laboratory on site, here they test the product before it leaves the farm to make sure it complies with the requirements for their organic certifications, and also for testing fungicides and organic preventatives against plant diseases. The cacao is harvested by picking the pods once they are ripe, removing the fruit from the inside of the pod and then transporting the cacao to the 3 level fermentation boxes, where it is processed. At the end of the fermentation process the seeds are assessed to test the level of fermentation, and then transported to the drying beds. Once the cacao is dried and harvested it is transported up into the Andes mountains to Cuenca, where it is stored in a dryer, less humid environment prior to being processed and dispatched to us. During the process of making the powder, the cocoa butter extracted is also purchased by us to use in our bars, to maintain traceability with as many ingredients in our product as we can. The entire process generates work for roughly 150 Ecuadorean families before it leaves to Melbourne. We proudly paid $4.75/KG USD Farmgate, well above $2/KG, which is the average price in Ecuador.

Ingredients: Ecuadorian Cacao, Sugar. May Contain Traces of Nuts.

Soy & Gluten Free, Vegan, Non-GMO, No Emulsifiers No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives.