Artisan Yunan Black Needle
Artisan Yunan Black Needle

Artisan Yunan Black Needle

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Artisan Yunnan Black Needle produces a bright amber toned liquor with milk chocolate notes aromas.  It has a full and creamy body with malt and caramel tones, followed by a sweet and lingering floral finish.  This artisanal hand-made tea is picked and processed from spring shoots annually.  It’s grown on an organic and bio diverse farm that incorporates room for the tea trees to grow, while intercropping with native trees and fruit.  The farm space is also shared with animals such as chickens, cats, dogs, ducks and cows.  With a generous number of golden tips, this tea is a fantastic representation from this famous region.

Preparation method:2g per 150ml of water
100°C for 1-2 mins
Rebrew 2-3 times

Ingredients:Organic Black Tea

Tea Information:
Altitude: ~1200 – 1300 masl
Region: Minlezhen, Yan Yunnan
Harvest: Spring 2019
Environment: Organic & Biodiverse
Tea Master: Tian Zhi
Tea Trees: ~30-year-old