Ancient Artisan Moonlight White
Ancient Artisan Moonlight White

Ancient Artisan Moonlight White

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This exquisite tea produces a bright liquor with fresh floral aromas and a smooth sweet flavour.  Hints of stone fruit with a soft and pleasing finish.  Hand-picked and processed on the full moon from ancient (~400-year-old) trees in the high mountains of Yunnan.  The very first tender buds and shoots of these magnificent trees are intuitively selected and carefully air-dried during the spring season only.  Like the shades of the moon, the appearance of the dry leaves are white on the one side and shadowy black on the other, giving it a striking appearance.

Preparation method:2g per 150ml of water
95°C for 2 mins
Rebrew 2-3 times

Ingredients:Organic White Tea

Tea Information:
Altitude: ~1700 masl
Region: Yangta Village, Yunnan
Harvest: Early Spring
Environment: Wild, Organic, Biodiverse
Tea Master: Tian Zhi
Tea Trees: Wild and Ancient (~400-year-old)